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Everyday Holds It's Own

A few months ago DJ and Lynette, friends from Mexico who run a children's home, Door of Faith Orphanage, came to visit us. DJ and Lynette have been the directors of Door of Faith for over 20 years (they have a few years on JB and I). DJ said something that I hadn't really thought about before, " When doing what we do, everyday look different - no two days are the same." It is so true!! Everyday is packed full of its own challenges and kisses from God.

This has been so true for JB over the past couple of weeks. We were approached, the beginning of the year, by a pastor in Tema about helping with a group of young girls who were living rough lives on the streets. We didn't hesitate. We knew that this was God calling us deeper into His heart of restoration.

As the CORM Director's Team sat down and discussed the young girls and all of the structures that we would need to put into place...I kept hearing "THRIVE"...These girls were about to go from survival mode to thriving...and "CORM THRIVE" was born.

So JB has been going from home to to family...listening, advising, praying and crying with each one. He has experienced the Father Heart of God in each experience, each broken life, each salvation...the testimonies have been amazing.

We are so privileged to be able to walk this journey with these young girls. In the short time that we have known them we have already seen so much change. God is up to so much in their lives. The sweet moments of worship we have shared, the one-on-one conversations, when they come out with fighting eyes and we take the moment to teach them about love and grace and then the tears come and they use their arms to hug the other instead of throwing the punch.