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Our Home

Over the past five years our living situations have definitely defined seasons for our family and the ministry. In January 2010 when we first moved our family of 5 to Ghana we moved to a house in Tema that was nestled in a cozy community. The Freedom Center, at that time, was a rented building located about 10 minutes from our house and the rest of our CORM family lived there with Joseph and Teresa as the house parents. This was a season of adjusting our family to the new culture. In February 2010 three of our adopted children joined us from Nigeria and Autumn moved in with us, so there was a lot of blending and learning to be flexible happening.

Pictured: Kids, Staff and Volunteer at the CORM Freedom Center 2010

Pictured: Children, Staff and Volunteer who lived at the CORM Freedom Center in Tema. Photo taken in 2010

On Father’s Day 2010 we had a huge flood in the back yard of the Freedom Center and so all of the kids and staff moved into our house for a few weeks. It was nice to have everyone living under one roof and if anything was going to prepare us for what was to come this was it.