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Over the past five years our living situations have definitely defined seasons for our family and the ministry. In January 2010 when we first moved our family of 5 to Ghana we moved to a house in Tema that was nestled in a cozy community. The Freedom Center, at that time, was a rented building located about 10 minutes from our house and the rest of our CORM family lived there with Joseph and Teresa as the house parents. This was a season of adjusting our family to the new culture. In February 2010 three of our adopted children joined us from Nigeria and Autumn moved in with us, so there was a lot of blending and learning to be flexible happening.

Pictured: Children, Staff and Volunteer who lived at the CORM Freedom Center in Tema. Photo taken in 2010

On Father’s Day 2010 we had a huge flood in the back yard of the Freedom Center and so all of the kids and staff moved into our house for a few weeks. It was nice to have everyone living under one roof and if anything was going to prepare us for what was to come this was it.

Photos from the flooding in 2010

In November 2010 our lease was up at both houses so we decided move everyone who lived at the Freedom Center and our family into one home in Downtown Doryumu. This was a HUGE change for all of us. Sometimes when I think back at those days it’s like trying to remember a dream. Ten adults and twenty kids (six under the age of 3) all living in a six bedroom, 3 bathroom house (one of the bedrooms and bathroom were in the boy’s quarters outside the big house). This was a season of learning to live in community. Our kids were so great during this time of “togetherness”.

Photo taken in 2011 at our house in Downtown Doryumu. Pictured: family, staff and volunteers.

When we moved into the house in Downtown Doryumu we knew that the living arrangement would only be for a short time and we all knew we could do anything for a short time. In January 2011 we broke ground at the CORM Children’s Village, our school, Faith Roots International Academy , the Freedom Center and our family home were the first to go up . When we moved to the house in Downtown Doryumu we had no idea where the finances would come from to build at the Children’s Village but as we trusted God that He would make it happen... HE DID! December 2011 we moved from the house Downtown to the CORM Children’s Village.

Our family moved into our home and the children moved into the Freedom Center along with our house staff. God is so faithful. Along the way He supplied all of our needs and to no man’s glory…All the Glory goes to God!

Since 2011 God has continued to expand the CORM Children’s Village

Today the CORM Children’s Village is made up of three safe homes and then the Omorefe house.

The Freedom Center is home to our house parents, John & Teresa, their three biological daughters, and we are so grateful for the way they have their hearts and arms to our 8 girls and 3 little boys who call the Freedom Center HOME.

The Legacy Boy’s Home is the newest of our safe homes and is home to 25 boys and their three deans. Most of the boys who live here have been rescued from child slavery or were vulnerable to being sold. Each one carries a story of what was, what is now and what will be. Our heart for each child who calls the CORM Children’s Village HOME is that they will experience total healing from their pasts, that they will be fully restored and equipped for their futures and when they leave the Children’s Village they will be world changers and pursuers of restoration.

In September the ladies who work with our 7 Continents program moved into the Redeemed House with their children, Joseph and Teresa also live here with our little Mercy. The 7 Continents women are amazing and we can see how God orchestrated their move to the CORM Children’s Village. I can’t imagine not having them here with us, doing life with them has been so enriching.

So this brings me to our little house. A couple years ago three of the girls who were living at the Freedom Center moved into our home. They all came at separate times due to different health issues they were having. They have been a part of our family ever since. Our Omorefe Tribe extends past JB and I and our 7 kids. Last night as we sat around the table it hit me…”I am the mom of 6 teenagers!” Rosemary, Paul, Miracle, Gracie, Valentina and Teresa. Odion (Johnbull’s brother, who is a huge blessing to the ministry), Jackie (our house help), and Ajata (who is currently away doing her Discipleship Training School with Youth With A Mission) are also a part of our direct family.

I just can’t imagine living life any other way.

This photo was taken in 2014. Pictured: Family, Staff and Volunteers

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