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Ways to Pray - Our Trip to the US

Please pray for our family as we prepare to visit America. We have lived in Ghana for over 5 years now and this will be our third trip back to the US. The time we spend in the US is very important to us. We are able to connect with family and friends and share all that God is doing in Ghana at CORM. The hard part is leaving behind 4 of our 7 children as they are not US Citizens and we haven't been able to get them visitor visas.

Please pray for our children's hearts during this time, that they will be safe and secure in knowing that we will return soon and please pray for their health.

Preparing to leave to go to the US is a stressful time as we have to make sure that certain things are in order for the next two months. We are so grateful for the amazing team that God has brought together at the CORM Children's Village. Please pray for our team of staff who will be running things while we are away.

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