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Spending Time in the United States

Our trip to the US is going well. The boys are having a great time meeting new people and reconnecting with family and friends. It is so hard having half of our family half way around the world. I wish that we could all be here experiencing life together in the US. I am praying that the next time we come to the States that all of our children will be able to be a part.

Here are a few photos from our time States side:

Meet our friends DJ and Lynette. They have the directors of Doors of Faith Orphange in Mexico for the past 20 years. I believe that God put us together for a reason yet to be unfolded. We are so grateful for their friendship and all they have taught us these past few months. Please check out their website...they are doing great things!

Meet our friends Phil and Mindy. Autumn met Phil and Mindy at the Freedom Summit in 2013 in the Bay Area. This couple along with their children have given their lives away to God's purposes and plans. They are the founders and directors of Be2Live, a non profit organization that provides social justice service experiences to high school students, churches and families across the United States. Check out their website: Be2Live

This photo was taken at this years Freedom Summit.

Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco. The kids loved it!

Johnbull with Roberts Liardon.

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