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Nothing "Typical" About It

Our kid’s school experience has been anything but “typical”. In 2010 when we moved to Ghana I taught JJ and Miracle Kindergarten and Paul and Rosemary went to a private school in Tema. Then after Autumn moved to Ghana she started teaching all of kiddos including JJ and Miracle. When Caleb started preschool he was in a class of two and we hired a local lady teach the class. At that point we had all of our kids learning an American Homeschool Curriculum. In September 2011 our school opened to the public and our kids remained in their classes learning the American Homeschool Curriculum. Then in 2013 things changed at Faith Roots and we switched from the American Curriculum to the Ghanaian Curriculum, the way we should have started the school (live and learn), so with the change in curriculum came a need for us to change things for our kiddos as well.

Half way through that school year I pulled JJ and Miracle out of their class and started to homeschool them. There was no turning back after that. The following year we pulled Caleb in as well. This year Justice has joined us for 1st grade.

I am so thankful that I am not left to teach my children all on my own. I’m afraid that if it were all up to me there would be a lot of gaps in their learning, but God has been so good to us! Over the years our classroom has taken on different feels, at times we have had missionary families join us a couple days a week to help teach a “co-op”, the last couple years my brother-in-law taught Caleb along with a missionary families daughter, this year we are rotating teachers through our homeschool classroom for each subject...The dads, Johnbull and Dean-Dallas, are loving the time they get to spend with the kiddos during the day.

I get to teach our 1st graders Language Arts and Math for the first two hours of their day, four days a week. Last year I taught JJ and Miracle math a couple days a week but this year we discovered a new math program, Teaching Textbooks, this program has been so good for our 4th and 6th graders. They just put the CD-ROM into their computer and away they go…LOVE IT!

I am so thankful for Autumn! As the Director of Education for CORM she has been so patient with us as we transition our kids out of the traditional classroom and into this “Multi-Level” learning experience. I could not do this school thing with out her! This year she is teaching our 4th & 6th graders (at the same time) English, Grammar and Spelling four days a week. This momma is so grateful for her continued love and passion for my kid’s education!!

Pictures from our first week of school:

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