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Fighting for Freedom in Your Backyard - South Dakota

A few months ago I wrote about our passion to fight human trafficking. This is an issue that is rampant world-wide. As I learn more about the people who are giving away their lives to bring freedom to today’s modern day slaves I want to share these amazing stories with you.

I am from a small town in South Dakota. Growing up I felt very safe. I remember leaving home in the morning on my bike and I was told to be home for dinner. I would ride my bike from one friend’s house to another then across the highway to the swimming pool and then I would be home for dinner. I had nothing to fear and my parents knew that I would be okay.

I don’t believe that this is the world that my children are growing up in today. Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery is happening EVERYWHERE, even in small town South Dakota.

Human Trafficking in South Dakota

I believe that the issue of human trafficking is dear to God's heart - He is the one opening our eyes to see this injustice and fight against it. Since our fight against human trafficking has been primarily in Ghana I wanted to find out what is happening in South Dakota to fight modern day slavery. I found this very informative article on-line.

Tapestry International Ministry

If you haven't already heard of Tapestry International Ministry I would love to introduce them to you. They are doing amazing things to fight trafficking and train up leaders to help in the fight.

Tapestry International Ministry was founded by Rev. Dr. Kimberly LaPlante and her husband Pastor Daniel LaPlante is a support director for the ministry. The mission of Tapestry International is to call, empower and send leaders from out of and into injustice issues such as poverty, gender inequality, homelessness and forced prostitution and human trafficking in a local community.

Tapestry International Ministry is working to fight human trafficking in Sioux Falls and other areas of South Dakota. If you have a desire to do something about the issue of human trafficking in South Dakota please reach out to the Tapestry International’s office. You can view their website here.

I will never forget the first time I looked the issue of Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery in the face. It was on Lake Volta in 2007 in the eyes of two brothers who had completely lost their identities. They had been on the lake for many years and they no longer knew where they came from or who their parents were. The only thing they knew was what they needed to do in order to not get beat that day and to get a little food to eat. My life was forever changed and I knew that God had created me to do something about this issue.

Our response to the issue of child slavery and human trafficking in Ghana was to focus our ministry's vision on the issue and relocate our family inorder to have the greatest amount of impact. I know that this response is not the typical is something that God placed in our hearts to do and it by His grace that we continue.

What will your response to human trafficking be? Volunteer, donate, create a movement...YOU CAN DO SOMETHING!

If you discover human trafficking or forced labor happening in your area please contact the National Human Trafficking Resource Center in the US: 1-888-373-7888 or text BeFree (233733)

*Please pray for Daniel & Kimberly LaPlante, after writing this blog post I learned that Daniel recently suffered a stroke and is now in the hospital recovering.

Thank you for your prayers.

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