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Community in the Bush

Our little community is tucked away in the bush - we have heard people from the surrounding communities call our school a "bush school". I guess I never really thought of our location as undesirable. I love this place- just as it is. So many times I have felt like God has protected & reserved this little corner of the world throughout the ages, just so He could create something Beautiful here.

Our lives are real, messy, celebrated and ever changing. Our children are just like children anywhere else, our staff are wonderful and we believe that every person who joins our little community has been placed here for a reason - a purpose.

We are a culture of love, restoration, wholistic quality of care, perserverance, hard work, rest and play. We may not get everything right all of the time but we always try our hardest to learn from our mistakes.

Our relationships are building. We are people from many nations, tribes & tongues. Our most common language come from our hearts ~ we strive to love better, care more and encourage eachother. It's not always easy and we make mistakes in our relationships but we always seek restoration when things get hard ~ learning to love like Christ.

This is our little family tucked away in the African bush. Always making beautiful noise, dancing, laughing, growing, changing, getting messy and loving eachother the best we can.

We are CORM.

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