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Celebrating Caleb

Our middle biological child, Caleb, turned 12 yesterday! He was just 3 when we moved to Ghana.  

I love this boy for so many reasons but I think my favorite part of our relationship is that he has taught me that conflict is ok. 

Caleb is a typical middle child. He always feel like he is being left out (although he’s not) and so he is a bit more demanding than our other children. I have learned that it’s ok for him to be upset with me when I have to tell him “no” more than I like to. He’s also very quick to forgive and I love that so much about him. 

I’m looking forward to this next year with Caleb. I’m trusting God to move in his life like never before. I call Caleb my little pastor, not because he likes to preach but because his heart is so big for people. He loves to love, encourage and is the most generous person I have ever met. 

Proud to be his mama! 

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